Dear valued member of the Toledo Chamber of Commerce,
In partnership with the News-­‐Times, we are pleased to offer you a free gift as special thanks for
joining or renewing your membership in the Toledo Chamber of Commerce (TCC).
Effective June 1, 2017, all businesses and organizations that join or renew their membership in TCC
will be eligible to receive one free quarter-­‐page ad in the News-­‐Times to promote your business
or organization. This is a $654 value made possible through the generosity of the News-­‐Times.
The free black-­‐and-­‐white ad is intended to showcase your business or organization (it is not
available to promote a specific sale or for publication in one of The News-­‐Times’ special
sections). Your ad will appear on a space-­‐available basis in the regular edition of the newspaper
circulated every Wednesday and Friday throughout Lincoln County.
For your reference, a sample ad is printed on the back of this letter. You may take advantage of
your free ad any time within one year of your new or renewed membership in TCC. This benefit is
contingent on verification of your membership, which the News-­‐Times will confirm when you contact
their office.
To discuss details of your ad, please contact Sara Wedel at the News-­‐Times, 541-­‐265-­‐8571 or
The News-­‐Times is a valued partner in making Toledo and east Lincoln County a better place to
live, work and play and we are grateful for their support of our business community.
Thank you for your support of TCC and we look forward to seeing your ad in the News-­‐Times!

C. J. Drake President,  TCC                  James Rand
                                                                Publisher, News-­‐Times Member,

                                                               TCC board of directors

PO Box 249 ~ 311 NE 1st Street, Toledo, OR 97391